Viniyoga Asana II Flash Cards & Downloadable Yoga Stick Figures

The companion set to Viniyoga Asana I. This set contains 56 more intermediate yoga asanas for you to learn the yoga pose names in Sanskrit and English along with pictures of the yoga stick figures which you can instantly download. Available as downloadable interactive yoga ebooks and images or as printed flash card yoga books. Learn anytime and anywhere. These yoga flash cards are a great reference for any yoga student and make great yoga teacher training books.

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Learn Intermediate Viniyoga Asanas – the Yoga of Krishnamacharya

Viniyoga Asana – The Heart of Yoga – designing yoga to suit the individual – with breath by breath instructions

Viniyoga Asana II Yoga Flash Cards Yoga Books

A set of 56 yoga asana flash cards – Now available as a printed book and an eBook for use all your Apple Devices

Viniyoga is popularly used today to describe the yoga taught by the late Sri T Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar, founder of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in India. However, it is not actually a ‘style’ of yoga, but is an approach using Yoga’s many tools – asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra, chanting etc. 

In Viniyoga the emphasis is on creating a personal yoga practice for the individual, by selecting the right yoga tools depending on the situation. It is about making the yoga suit the individual, rather than the individual suit the yoga. Therefore, designing a yoga practice specifically for that person and their current needs.

Adjust the Instructions to your needs

If you are not familiar with Viniyoga, you might find some of the asanas in this eBook to be shown slightly differently to the way you know them from other yoga styles. These are the classical asanas, shown in their final full form, without any variations or modifications. They are the basis for most asanas, before they have been modified. The basic instructions and structure of the asanas, however, are still very similar to other yoga styles. Therefore, you can just use your knowledge to amend the instructions to suit your desired variation. A change could be as simple as turning a foot forty-five degrees rather than ninety degrees. Easy! 

When you buy the interactive eBook, with just a few taps, the answers are at your fingertips!

Easy to use, making learning the yoga poses fun and fast

Viniyoga Asana II yoga flash cards are the companion flash card set to Viniyoga Asana I and add a further 56 intermediate yoga asanas to learn. Listed below are a few ideas on how to use the ebook. Test yourself on learning the asana names, learn the full vinyasa-karma sequence to move into and out of the pose, or even just learn how to draw the yoga stick figures. There is a lot to keep you coming back each day. 

The simplicity of Yoga Flash Cards make them a great learning tool and the best yoga teacher training books – all of the important information for each asana is displayed clearly on just one page making it easier for the mind to digest and, therefore, making learning faster. The Viniyoga Asana I Flash Cards have also been approved by Yoga Australia (the peak professional body for Yoga in Australia) as a Yoga Teacher Training Manual.