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Learn the yoga pose names with pictures of yoga stick figures which you can instantly download. Available as downloadable interactive yoga ebooks and images or as printed yoga books. Learn anytime and anywhere. These yoga flash cards make great reference and yoga teacher training manuals.

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Yoga Asana Flash Cards – yoga books – digital eBooks and printed cards

Our various sets of Yoga Asana Flash Cards are designed to help you easily learn the basic instructions for the many different yoga poses (asanas), along with their Sanskrit and English names. Yoga Flash Cards are a fast and simple way of learning yoga, that you can take with you anywhere. The information is all in one place and always at hand. Understanding the instructions and knowing the asana names will be invaluable to you in class and will enable you to engage deeper in your yoga practice.

The simplicity of Yoga Flash Cards make them the best yoga teacher training books – all of the important information for each asana is displayed clearly on just one page making it easier for the mind to digest and, therefore, making learning faster.

Our current yoga asana flash card books include Vinyasa yogaViniyoga Asana I, Viniyoga Asana II and the Ashtanga Yoga Primary SeriesEach set is unique and more yoga styles are in production and coming soon. Happy learning.

These yoga books are all available as Interactive eBooks, making it easier for you to always have them on-hand – on your iPhone, iPadlaptop or desktop computer. Just upload into iBooks and you are ready to start learning. Viniyoga Asana 1 is also available in printed card sets and Viniyoga Asana II is available as a light-weight printed book. We are hoping that we will soon also have versions available for Android devices.  

Ideal for all levels of yoga students, from yoga beginners through to yoga teacher training students. Each flash card is illustrated with fun yoga pictures of stick figures showing the key elements of each yoga pose – never worry again about which foot should go where

Viniyoga Asana I and Viniyoga Asana II are now both available in full colour print

More printed books coming soon

Viniyoga Asana I yoga flash cards printed yoga book on a sample of silk pouches
Viniyoga Asana I and Viniyoga Asana II (Intermediate asanas) flash cards companion yoga books

The printed Viniyoga Asana I and Asana II Flash Cards have exactly the same information as the interactive eBook versions. However, they are just designed slightly differently.

The Viniyoga Asana I Printed Flash Cards are printed on high quality 230gsm card with a high-gloss varnish and die-cut with rounded corners to make them long lasting. On the front of the card is just the illustration of the stickman figure. The idea is to test yourself to name the asana. To find out the answer, just turn card the card over. You will then find the sanskrit and english asana name and the instructions for every step of the vinyasa-krama sequence into and out of the asana. To keep the flash cards clean and tidy they all come packaged in a handmade silk sari pouch.

The Viniyoga Asana II Printed Flash Cards are printed as a small light-weight bound book. On one side of the page is the stickman illustration with the prompt asking “Can you name this asana?” To find out the answer, just turn over the page. On the back of the illustration page you will find the sanskrit and english asana name and the instructions for every step of the vinyasa-krama sequence into and out of the asana. If you ever wanted to make the book into separate flash cards you could always cut off the spine and laminate each page to make separate cards.

Click on the slideshow above to view larger images of each yoga flash card book layout.

Some simple steps on how to use these yoga flash cards

For an enlarged view of the pages, just click the images below to see a slideshow of the cards

 Yoga Asana Flash Cards are a wonderful quick way of learning, enabling you to grow your yoga knowledge progressively each day. They are a quick reference tool you can open up anytime and anywhere, with all the information filed neatly in one place. The knowledge you gain will help you to learn the basics of the yoga poses (known as asanas) enabling you to focus more on the teacher’s instructions in class – making you feel more confident and comfortable.

Learning couldn’t be any easier. Just flick through the pages or cards and have a try at naming the yoga poses. Once you’ve practiced the asana names, perhaps then study the instructions on points to note when practicing the pose. The more often you look at the cards and test your knowledge, the quicker it will all become familiar. These yoga flash cards are a great tool for any level of yoga student, from yoga beginners through to advanced yoga students and are especially useful for yoga teacher trainees.

Below are some instructions on how to use the interactive eBook versions of the flash cards. All the information is exactly the same on the printed versions, however, you just need to turn the page or card over to find the asana name and instructions (see images in the slideshow above).

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners Index Page 1 – Yoga asana flash cards

An index card of the yoga poses starts each section

  • Each yoga asana flash card set is organised into colour-coded tabbed sections – for example the ‘Beginning the Practice’ Warm Up tab shown above.
  • Pressing the relevant tab takes you initially to the Index Page which shows the yoga poses for that section.
  • On the Index Page you can either ‘tap/click’ the asana (yoga pose) image that you would like to study or ‘swipe’ through the sections page by page.
  • eBooks also have fully clickable table of contents, along with thumbnail views and a search feature to quickly find what you are looking for.
Downdog Flash Card with the Initial Screen showing, prompting you to guess the name of the asana

Test yourself to name the yoga poses

  • Clicking on an asana on the index card takes you to the initial screen of the chosen flash card.
  • This shows only the stick figure image and prompts you to test your knowledge to name the asana.
  • Can you name this asana (yoga pose)?
  • How much do you know – can you name the asana correctly?
  • Perhaps challenge yourself to learn one new asana a day, or three to five each week.
Downdog Flash Card with Asana Name showing both in Sanskrit and English

Press the button to reveal the answer

  • Test yourself to see if you can correctly name the asana
  • Then press the heading button to find out the correct answer
  • The yoga pose names (asanas) are given both in Sanskrit (which is the traditional way they are taught from India) and also in English.
  • Below the name is a transliteration of the Sanskrit which breaks down the Sanskrit meaning word by word, making it easier to understand and remember.
Downdog flash card, showing asana name and instructions on what to do when in the asana

Press the tab to see the instructions

  • Once you have had a play at guessing the Sanskrit and/or English asana name, press the Instructions tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • This reveals a yoga stick figure diagram showing some of the important points to note in each yoga pose.
  • For example, where each hand or foot should be positioned, whether the knee should be bent or straight or where you should be looking etc,
  • There is a lot to learn and remember, but flash cards make it easy to learn bit by bit, whenever and wherever you feel like it.
  • Try learning just one a day for a few weeks and see how quickly you learn!
Viniyoga Asana I screen showing asana name and breath by breath instructions

Viniyoga vinyasa-krama instructions

  • In the Viniyoga Asana I and II flash card collections, the instructions on how to perform the asana are shown with breath-by-breath instructions for the full sequence of movement for each asana – this is known as the vinyasa-krama.
  • The instructions are given in simple english as they would be spoken by a teacher. This makes it an ideal tool for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees.
  • The whole sequence for the asana (along with each inhale and exhale) is also illustrated with yoga stick figures.  This makes it easy for the sequence to be visualised and remembered.
Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners ebook – How to Use the eBook Instructions

Instructions on how to use the interactive eBook

  • At the beginning of each eBook you will find a comprehensive instructions page on how to use the interactive eBook.
  • It details where you can click, what each tab does, where to find the contents menu and thumbnail views etc.
  • Interactive eBooks are very versatile as they can be used on all your Apple Devices (hopefully on Android too soon!) and are a great visual way to learn.
  • The Interactive eBook version offers more built-in functionality than the iPad version and can also be used on all Apple devices.

Choose your yoga style below and click to find out more

Currently available – Viniyoga Asana I eBook & Printed Yoga Flash Cards, Viniyoga Asana II Yoga Flash Cards eBook & Printed Book, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners Yoga Flash Cards eBooks and Ashtanga Primary Series eBook.

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Viniyoga Asana II Yoga Flash Cards Logo
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Ashtanga Primary Series Yoga

So what is an Interactive eBook

Some important information to help you feel at ease with your purchase

The digital download yoga flash cards are designed in a format known as an Interactive eBook, and due to their interactivity are currently only guaranteed to work on Apple devices – but hopefully we will have an Android version available soon! 

  • Interactive eBooks (also called EPUBS) are a newish format for eBooks. They are often used for children’s eBooks and for complex non-fiction books like cookbooks, photo journals, textbooks and illustrated books like these yoga flash cards! They are used for eBooks that rely heavily on graphics and design.
  • They keep the exact page layout and design as the original artwork, so unlike standard text-heavy eBooks, they are not re-flowable.
  • This means that the user is unable to change the font or font size, or anything else about the design – everything is set out like it would be on the page of a printed book.
  • They can contain enhancements like buttons and animations and that makes them much more interesting and interactive.
  • With Interactive eBooks you can easily zoom in on a page using the two-finger zoom method to get a closer look – this is especially useful on a small mobile devices.
  • Interactive eBooks offer interactivity similar to an iPad App, but are better in some ways, as you can easily search and copy text, and they can be used on all Apple devices and not just the iPad.
  • Interactive eBooks are not PDFs, they are fully-functional HTML-based eBook files, and you only need to download the iBooks App on your Apple devices to use them.
  • They are very easy to install and fun to use – who doesn’t love pushing buttons?
  • When you purchase an eBook from us you will receive it attached to an email. Just open up the email and then tap/click the attachment icon to download it to your device, and you will then see the icon turn into an iBooks icon. Tap and hold on the file and an “Open in iBooks” message will pop up in the top corner of your screen. Tap that, and your iPad, iPhone or computer will first open iBooks, and then open the ePub file we just sent you. It might take a little while to totally upload the first time you download it, but once it has uploaded once it will be ready to use from then on.

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