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Yoga Flash Cards – digital eBooks and printed cards

These Yoga Flash Cards are designed to help you learn the basic instructions along with the Sanskrit and English names for some of the many different yoga poses (asanas) taught today. Ideal for all levels of yoga students, from yoga beginners through to yoga teacher trainees. Each flash card is illustrated with fun pictures of yoga stick figures showing the key elements of each yoga pose – never worry again about which foot should go where! 

They are all available as instantly downloadable Interactive eBooks and Viniyoga Asana 1 is also available in printed flash card packs. Simply download the eBooks for use on all of your Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, laptop and desktop computer* – or get the printed pack delivered direct to your door.

*Hopefully available for Android and Windows devices soon! These are interactive eBooks and cannot currently be used on Kindle or dedicated eBook readers.

Choose the Yoga Flash Cards that suits your style

Chose from one of the original collections below or scroll down further to find out about our new Ashtanga Primary Series flash cards

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Flash Cards Digital eBook

Ashtanga Primary Series Logo

JUST RELEASED FOR SALE. These Ashtanga Yoga flash card yoga books are designed as a quick reference guide to help you learn the Ashtanga sanskrit asana names, along with concise step-by-step vinyasa instructions, for the full Ashtanga Primary Series. One asana and its vinyasa sequence is featured per page. These cards are especially useful for beginners to the Ashtanga Yoga method and students practicing “Mysore Style” self-practice Ashtanga yoga. Also a great reference book for Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training students. 

Available for download to all your Apple devices and computers (Android/Windows version hopefully available early next year).


Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Book Logo

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners Flash Cards

A set of 52 yoga flash cards to help you learn the yoga pose names in Sanskrit and English along with some simple instructions on how to do the yoga poses to help you feel more confident in your next class. Great for beginners to seasoned yogis.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners Flash Cards

This collection is a set of 52 cards designed to help students visiting Hatha Vinyasa Yoga style classes who wish to learn the asana names and the basics on how to do the yoga poses (asanas).  The asana names are shown both in English and Sanskrit, and instructions are given on what alignment to focus on whilst in the pose.  These flash cards are suitable for yoga beginners through to intermediate students or for a reference for anybody studying Yoga Teacher Training.


Viniyoga Asana 1 Yoga Flash Cards

This set of 52 Yoga Flash Cards are available in both Digital eBook and iPad formats and also as Printed Card Sets. Designed with Teacher Trainees in the Viniyoga tradition in mind or for anyone practicing in the yoga tradition of Krishnamacharya.

Viniyoga Asana 1 Yoga Flash Cards

This is the original flash card set. Primarily designed for yoga teacher trainees in the Viniyoga tradition, but also of great interest to any yoga student. Designed to help teach the 52 foundational classical yoga asanas – their Sanskrit names, instructions for the vinyasa-krama sequences and how to draw the yoga stick figures. The set is organised in six coloured tabbed sections according to the asanas classification in relation to the spine. Also available as an iPad App and in Printed Card sets in colourful sari material wallets.

Viniyoga Asana II Yoga Flash Cards icon

Viniyoga Asana II Yoga Flash Cards

Adding 56 more intermediate asanas in the Viniyoga tradition. Showing you how to move into and out of the asana by linking each movement with the breath along with testing you to learn the asana names and how to draw the yoga stick figures.

Viniyoga Asana II Flash Cards – IN STORE NOW

JUST RELEASED. ON SALE NOW. These flash cards add another 56 more advanced asanas in the Viniyoga tradition. Mainly targeted at Viniyoga Teacher Trainees and practitioners of this yoga tradition, but also of relevance to most other yoga styles and yoga students in general. These flash cards are organised in to six coloured tabbed sections according to the asanas form – standing, seated, lying (supine/prone), backbends, hand balances and inversions.


Simple to use – Yoga Flash Cards make learning yoga fun

The answers are at your fingertips

Flash cards are a very simple, incredibly versatile and often underexploited learning resource. Interactive eBook Flash Cards are a great way to learn, as you can have them with you wherever you may be, for quick on-the-spot learning. Below are a few ideas on how to use the interactive yoga flash cards. Visit our Flash Card Page to find out more about our different sets and how to use them – there is something for everyone to learn.

Sample of Viniyoga Asana 1 Flash Cards showing Warrior II

Can you name the yoga pose illustrated by the stick figure?

  • Swipe through the eBook, or press one of the colour-coded side tabs and choose a flash card to test yourself – can you name that asana? It’s name is initially hidden to prompt your memory.
  • Once you have had a guess at the asana name, press the show/hide button to see if you were correct.
  • The Sanskrit name will appear along with it’s English translation and a transliteration of the Sanskrit, which breaks down it’s meaning into separate words, making it easier to memorise.

Learn some simple instructions for each asana?

  • Tap the bottom tab to view the instructions on key focus points for the yoga pose and slowly increase your knowledge. Instructions are illustrated differently in different Flash Card packs. Visit the Flash Cards Page to find out more.
  • The flash cards are a visual reference on how to do the asana and also on how to draw the yoga stick figures – it’s sometimes harder than it looks?

Click below to find out more about our current and upcoming titles

Choose the set that suits you best – sets for yoga beginners through to seasoned yogis and yoga teacher trainees

These yoga flash cards by Yoga by Design are part of a growing series that are targeted at different styles of yoga asana – something for everyone. Listed below are our current and upcoming sets in production, so be sure to stay in touch to find out when new sets are launched. Click the links below to find out more about what you can learn in each flash card set.

Viniyoga Asana I

A set of 52 yoga flash cards in the traditional way of teaching of Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar formerly of the KYM in India. Ideal for yoga studentsteachers or yoga teacher trainees in the Viniyoga tradition. An ideal knowledge base for any yoga practitioner. Can also be a great guide for Yoga Therapy studies, as Viniyoga is based on designing yoga for the individual. Instructions are given for each movement in relation to the breath, for example, inhale raise your arms, exhale fold forwards.


Viniyoga Asana II

 This set adds an additional 56 yoga flash cards detailing more intermediate to advanced yoga poses in the Viniyoga tradition. Helping you to increase your knowledge of the asanas further. Ideal for yoga students, yoga teachers or yoga teacher trainees of this way of teaching, but also an ideal knowledge base for any yoga practitioner. Instructions are given in the Viniyoga tradition of instructing each movement in relation to the breath, for example, inhale raise your arms, exhale fold forwards.


Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most common yoga styles taught in yoga asana classes these days. Vinyasa Yoga classes may have various names such as Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Flow, Power Yoga etc and this is where many beginners may first find themselves learning yoga. This yoga flash card set is designed with beginners to yoga in mind, but is also suitable for any yoga practitioner wishing to increase their knowledge of the yoga poses and wanting to find a simple way to learn and memorise the names of the yoga poses.


Ashtanga Yoga

ON SALE NOW. The Ashtanga Primary Series, as devised by the late Pattabhi Jois of Mysore India, is a set sequence of asanas that are always followed in the same order. Probably the original Vinyasa Flow sequence from which others are now designed. This flash card set will help you learn the names of the ashtanga yoga poses and memorise the sequence in the correct order that it is practiced. Ideal for beginners to intermediate students and especially useful for those doing a Mysore Style Ashtanga self-led practice.


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