Yoga Asana Flash Cards & Downloadable Yoga Stick Figures

Learn the yoga pose names with pictures of yoga stick figures which you can instantly download. Available as downloadable interactive yoga ebooks and images or as printed yoga books. Learn anytime and anywhere. These yoga flash cards are a great reference for any yoga student and make great yoga teacher training manuals.

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Yoga Flash Cards make learning Yoga easy – anytime & anywhere

Giving you the knowledge to feel confident and comfortable in your yoga class

Yoga Flash Cards – digital eBooks, printed cards & downloadable yoga stick figures

These Yoga Flash Cards are designed to help you learn simple instructions along with the Sanskrit and English names for some of the many different yoga poses (asanas) and yoga styles taught today. Ideal for all levels of yoga students, from yoga beginners through to students doing yoga teacher training. Each flash card is illustrated with fun pictures of yoga stick figures showing the key elements of each yoga pose. Never worry again about which foot should go where! 

They are all available as instantly downloadable Interactive eBooks and Viniyoga Asana I and Viniyoga Asana II are also available in printed flash card packs which you can get delivered direct to your door.

Simply download the eBooks from the email you receive after purchase. Then open them up in the iBooks App on all of your Apple devices and computers. We also now have an Android/Windows version available for Viniyoga Asana I only (more Android versions coming soon), which you can open and read in the PubReader or Kobo Reader Apps. The information is exactly the same in both the printed and ebook versions. 

*These are interactive eBooks (ePUBs) and CANNOT currently be used on any Amazon Kindle or other dedicated eBook readers. Hopefully more of the eBooks will be available for Android and Windows devices by early 2019.

Exciting news – Downloadable Yoga Stick Figures now in-store

Three collections of the best Downloadable Yoga Stick Figure drawings are now available in-store. Chose from Viniyoga Asana I and Asana II Downloadable Yoga Stick Figures, or for the Complete Collection of 130 Hatha Yoga Stick Figure images which contains both of the two other sets. These downloadable hatha yoga stick figure asana drawings are for anyone who is practicing, studying, learning to teach, or teaching yoga and who wants yoga stick figure drawings to use on their computers and devices. They can be used for any personal, non-commercial use*, such as, creating yoga class plans, illustrating Yoga Teacher Training Manuals, making your own yoga flash cards, designing birthday cards for friends or creating personal t-shirt designs etc. Visit the Yoga Stick Figures page now to find out more about these downloadable yoga images. More sets of downloadable images are coming soon including yoga asana sequences.

*Full terms and conditions are available for download on the Downloadable Stick Figure Page.

Choose the Yoga Flash Cards that suits your yoga style

Each flash card set is unique. Choose from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga or Viniyoga I and II (the yoga of Krishnamacharya and his son Desikachar).